Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad

A form of knowledge, a form of life

Daniela Marin-Corciu

                                                               11th A grade

I would like to request an imaginative exercise, one of which I am certain you will not be disappointed. I would like all of us to visualise in our mind a velvet ribbon, and its two ends being put together, therefore forming a circle. So far, I am sure you have already arrived, since you have met this scenario in other situations.  But I will ask you to increase the surface of the ribbon, how much you reckon appropriate, so that it would cover the entire Earth, because I wish to name this strip the path of a man throughout the universe, through life, and through the world. Of course, a path cannot be paved with significance without the steps of a man which he takes while he grows, develops, grown up, all at the same time while learning, about him, as well as the others.

Because of this, I would like to place two people, unfortunately by defying a little bit the laws of gravity, each on one side of our ribbon. One at the outside of the circle formed by uniting the two ends, and the other one the inside of it. Both walking slowly, in their own little worlds, completely separated, both finding themselves under the illusion that only they are walking this land. Each, lost in his own universe, deceiving himself that he is the only one that matters in his life. Truthfully, both have been walking in circle for so many times, that they have forgotten their purpose in this world, what is the sense of their existence, and above all else, why they should pursue this journey of theirs, since nothing is actually happening. In reality, walking in circles all your life, without any company whatsoever, can become tiring, and, even more than that even a bit lonely. The road to self-knowing, self-discovery, ironically, cannot be achieved on your own.

For this exact reason, through a great force, which we shan’t name for the simple reason that it does not belong to us, the two ends of the ribbon get separated, and just as fast they return one next to the other. But something is different. Something has changed. But what? Neither of them knows it yet, but they can’t ignore the feeling of change running through their veins either. Anxious, and with a certain fright in their hearts, they continue their journey, still hoping for a change. With their eyes in the ground, their mind uneasy, with a heavy heart and dejected by so many questions, each hears something unmet along their travels up until this given moment: the steps of the other. Their gazes interlace for the first time with so much stupefaction, such fear, such admiration, that a silence is imposed amongst them two, one entirely different from the silences within which they have walked solitary for so long. With a eternally burning flame in their eyes, with a mind freed from all worries, and with a peaceful heart which has found its answers.

Unknowing of how to approach such an encounter, he goes first: “Hi there. How are you doing?” She, lost in the details of life, frightened by this change manifested under the shape of his appearance in her world, but at the same time thrilled by the presence of a companion, finally, after so much search, she replies: “Good. And you?” “Pretty awesome, too.” In this moment, be it whether they realize or not, their fates have united; they’ve met, and in the existential infinitum they tie themselves one to the other. “I wouldn’t be surprise if you didn’t understand my question, but, what are you doing around here anyways?” “You know, just wandering here, lost in a world of the unknown. Strange, to find you in the same place, though, I’ll admit.” “Strange, indeed. Now, though our journeys may be different. Be it by randomness or some divine definition, we’ve ended up taking the same path. My question is, if I could join you in your journey, and you in mine?” “Well, we both do seem to favour company. I don’t see why not.”

This is what Mobius’ strip is talking about! At least from my point of view, This fascinating shape expresses transformation, evolution, knowledge. When talking about a personal level, the Mobius strip represents its willingness, or tendency, to move along with the constantly changing cycles in our Life process, transforming our challenges into useful solutions. The shape of the Mobius strip symbolizes the eternal change within stillness and what, at a global level this is, can be interpreted as serenity.

It is hard for me to believe, in the human evolution of the 21st century, that there still are people who consider that only they exist in this world. We are found in a permanent communication with all that is surrounding us. We simply cannot just isolate ourselves from what, at the end of the day, is the same thing as us. Through an association with the others, respectively the other things that belong in your life, you end up in achieving your self-knowing. An exploration of what existence might mean for men cannot be obtained any other way other than living all of the experiences with a burning desire of absorbing the teachings that these experiences offer us.

Taking the example given above, the two begin a new journey, even if the road remains the same, because they are walking it together. Surely it will be twice as tough, as daring and challenging, in the sense that now the surface that they shall cover has doubled, in comparison to what they have been accustomed up until the moment of their encounter. Of course, the unanswered questions that they had on an individual level will remain unanswered, because we cannot know everything there is to know about what this wonderful world can offer us. We don’t have to know. We just have to accept this fact. Because, we even admitted it, the more we know, the more we find out how much more there is to discover. But this desire for knowledge and the pleasure of sharing with someone these questions, these meditations, as well as the lessons learned are what make this journey beautiful. The taste of knowledge, that spicy sting at the back of the throat, which you could easily get rid of, if only you could stop feasting upon it. But you can’t. The truth is that none of us will be able to see what lies beyond the horizon, because this is constantly changing, eternally. But what each has discovered on his own may differ, from what the other has found out along his travel. Now, these exact same steps, her planting footsteps into the ground right next to my own, is exactly what will make their experience much more enjoyable, each granting the gift of knowledge to the other.

The Mobius strip is an expression of non-duality. It reveals the unity of all polarities, creating this way a sense of identity, bringing together the whole and the part, the masculine and the feminine, expansion and contraction, spirit and matter. Everything is one and nothing can be separated from anything else. All is entirely intertwined, and they shall remain like this forever. The Mobius strip remains a significant symbol, from a spiritual point of view, of balance and union.

Thereby, what I would enormously appreciated, if you could help me, is to imagine, at the end of our contemplation, everything that we have discussed just now, only now picture it on a global level. I have given an example of only two persons only so it could be easier to imagine such a relationship amongst souls. But, energetically speaking, our spirits communicate with every other around us. What is applied between two souls, is also applied at every single other soul just as much and just as true. Whether we’re aware of this or not. Imagine Mobius’ strip as a string that passes through absolutely every single living soul on this earth, bringing us together, in a whole, and you will see, that in the end… Everything binds!