Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad


„T” journal is an on-line journal of transdisciplinary education, edited by The  Transdisciplinary Centre of  Educational Applications from „Moise Nicoară”National College, Arad, Romania.

 Its target readers are students and teachers from secondary and high school education.

The journal has the following aims:

  • Initiation in the transdisciplinary methodology defined by Basarab Nicolescu
  • Instillment of a transdisciplinary attitude among students and teachers  from secondary and high school education
  • Facilitation of exchanges of ideas and experience among those interested in applying transdisciplinarity in secondary and high school education
  • Establishment of a working team consisting of teachers and students who should disseminate the transdisciplinary experiences in the Romanian secondary and high school education

The journal will be issued each semester and will include  three permanent sections, organised as follows:

  1. 1.     Transdisciplinarity for everybody
  • Section dedicated to initiation in transdisciplinarity
  • Special articles/studies aiming at presenting the fundamental concepts of transdisciplinarity
  • Glossary containing specific terms used in transdisciplinarity
  • Latest information about books/publications on transdisciplinary topics ( reviews)


  1. 2.      Transdisciplinary education – Applications


  • Section dedicated to presenting and making popular all attempts at applying transdisciplinary methodology in the Romanian secondary and high school education
  • Presentation and popularisation of all transdisciplinary activities taking place in our school: workshops, round-table discussions, debates, lessons, meetings, symposiums, conferences
  • Presentation and popularisation of all participations in national and international transdisciplinary activities


  1. 3.     Questions awaiting an answer
  • Interactive section dedicated to different types of dialogues: teachers-students, students-students, editors-other readers
  • Written by all those who have found answers to the questions suggested, or who have questions to ask
  • Free essays inspired by transdisciplinary issues

The journal is open to external collaborators – teachers and students – who are interested in publishing articles on transdisciplinarity.

Starting with the second issue, the articles will be published in both Romanian and English.

The articles can be sent to the following e-mail address:

Further information: tel. 0740/239389