Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad


 Liliana Negrilă

   Project coordinator


It is an honor and pride for the “Moise Nicoară” National College Arad to be the European Comenius multilateral project coordinator of  Ins and Outs the Magic Möbius Strip. Our partners are:

1.  Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth, UK

2.  Justus-von-Liebig-Gymnasium, Neusäß,

3.  XV. Gimnazija, Zagreb, HR

The project has a duration of two years: September 2011 – August 2013.

This is the first year of the project and I can say that the work within it was intense. So far, there have been two meetings between teachers and students of these four schools. One was in Germany during October 16 to 23, 2011, and the other in England during March 10 to 17, 2012. In the mobility in Germany five students and four teachers participated from National College “Moise Nicoară” Arad and in England participated in the five students and three teachers from our school.

Teachers and students from four schools held a sustained activity, reflected in numerous workshops organized locally. Analyzed all of Möbius strip, cut it in different ways and have studied it thoroughly. They then tried to find its applications in mathematics and physics, chemistry and biology, literature and art, useful for defining criteria and the links between these areas in order to achieve the objectives of the proposed transdisciplinarity. Their work was huge, but successful.

In the International Conference of Mathematics “Tiberiu Popoviciu”, we launched the electronic book The Magic of the Möbius Strip, whose coordinator I am. Articles are written in English, the language of communication within the project. Romanian, English, German and Croatian students, coordinated by teachers and sometimes even their parents had the freedom to fully express their creativity. Each article, video or PowerPoint presentation that have made a special effort required from each. Worked at school, home and week “School Differently.” They worked both individually and in teams. In this context, I wish to congratulate them for their great achievement and wish them success and on!

 LLP logo and the logos of the four schools involved appear on the cover. Editorial board is mentioned below:

  1. Daniela Camenita, teacher, „Moise Nicoara”National College , Arad, RO
  2. Simona Krämer, teacher, „Moise Nicoara”National College, Arad, RO
  3. Eva Spalj, teacher, „XV. Gimnazija”, Zagreb, HR
  4. Fotini Morris, teacher, „Devonport High School for Girls”, Plymouth, UK
  5. Carlette Sandu, teacher, „Justus-von-Liebig-Gymnasium”, Neusäß, DE
  6. Alina Negrila, student, „Moise Nicoara”National College, Arad, RO
  7. Patrik Stepan, student, „Moise Nicoara”Natioanl College, Arad, RO

I want to mention that all the expenses for developing the 200 electronic books have been supported by the European Commission within the Comenius multilateral project Ins and Outs of the Magic Möbius Strip. We are glad that we managed to fulfill the first part of what we proposed in this project: making a first electronic book that contains the activities of the Comenius teams from each school involved.

Thank you to the leadership of the “Moise Nicoară” National College Arad for the support given. Also, thank you to my teacher colleagues and to all the students in the team for their collaboration and for their openness to the new! With their help, we can say that the European dimension of the project has been reached.

We are going over the beginning chapters of the electronic book, watching a short movie made by the student Patrik Stepan. It is the first product of our project and it contains the pictures made on October 2011 in Germany, at the first big meeting of the project. The movie received everyone’s appreciation, both now and at its premiere in England. Therefore, the start was good!

The presentation of the electronic book continues with the explanation of the other articles of the project, the Power Point presentations being completed with new information, and the movies made capturing everyone’s attention, whilst teacher Camelia Circa Chirilă involved us in two interactive games. Drawings following the theme the Möbius strip were exhibited on the corridor in front of the „Moise Nicoară” National College’s Festivity Hall. They were made by the high school students of our college, under the careful guidance of teacher Luminița Ciurel. As teacher Cristina Crișan said, through this electronic book we met our Croatian, English and German partners. And the joy of reunion was very big!

In the next period, during the second year of the project, we are trying to focus our attention mainly on the philosophical and existential meanings that the Möbius strip has, which was professionally recommended by teacher Mirela Mureșan. In this sense, we will try to make all the presentations more dynamic, as teacher Diana Șimonca Oprița suggested. We will introduce more interactive games between the presentations, as suggested by student Andreea Sabaduș. We will do our best to improve the quality of the presentations, as suggested by student Andra Jivan. At next year’s International Mathematics Conference “Tiberiu Popoviciu”, our project partners will be present at Arad, and the presentations of the papers will have an increased audience, in plenary, according to the aspirations expressed by student Robert Gal and all the other participants.

“Our meeting pointed out two conclusions: it represented both a dissemination activity and a valorization activity” – told us teacher Camelia Circa Chirilă. The action was welcomed by teacher Radu Savulov as an exciting and stimulating, and teacher Anca Stoian concluded that aroused curiosity and ideas successor. The students involved in the project have enjoyed a relaxing, very pleasant atmosphere, everyone wishing that the future meetings to be at least as good as this one.

Finally, after almost one year of searching and research, we all realize that the Möbius strip is in everything that surrounds us. It is a symbol of transformation, of miracles, of turnarounds and of restoration! It can even be an image of immortality… We have one more year to find out. Anyway, it is the base of the Comenius Ins and Outs of the Magic Möbius Strip project.