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Bianca Zmicală

11 th grade

   Constantin Codreanu`s book, Hereditary Cosmos or Big Connection, published by Science Book House, Cluj, in 2009, brings into question a very disputed problem: the beginning of the Universe, that moment when everything began to exist. The book is divided into 21 chapters plus an epilogue where the writer presents his conclusions.

    I think everybody knows Genesis which explains the appearance of the world through God`s creation, thus affirming faith in the divine Creator. But this is nothing but the Christian version on the beginning, which believers take over without asking too many questions. Can Christianity be a credible alternative, valid for all people? What about the truth of other religions? Here is a first interrogation of the book.

    Scientists explain the genesis of the Universe by the Big Bang theory, or as the Romanians would say, the `Big Clap`. The Big Bang theory of creation is presented as being the result of the explosion of a small grain, which begins to create physical structures, extending to a certain size, then decreasing until it reaches its original form, and then exploding again. Can this model be a reference point for the appearance of the Cosmos? How scientific is it?

    Creation. Cosmos. Universe. We often heard these words, but never ask what they really are. Can they be about what man can perceive, about what he can see with his eyes or what he knows that it might exist? Or maybe this is not everything. Creation began at a time, and as any beginning has an end, perhaps the Creation will end. Unable to support an end of Creation, we will say that this process still continues. But the theory of an expanding Universe can be amended scientifically. So, what is the truth about this universe where we live? But once we affirm the continuity of Creation, can we affirm the existence of an external, creative principle, outside the Creation? Is there an Everything outside the Everything?

    So many questions without an answer, and so many assumptions about the beginning of the world. Perhaps, in time people will find the answers to all these question, with the help of science and experiments.

    Until then, I can say that I found in Constantin Codreanu`s book a synthesis of all the questions which every person should ask themselves about the Creation and the existence of the Universe. Until finding some answers from others, I will keep thinking of: `How did the Cosmos appear?`, `Who created it?`, `When will the creation stop?` I hope these will be some topics for your meditation, too.

    If you have answers  to these questions, feel free to send them to the `T Journal”, in order to be published.