Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad

Mobius Strip – a Bidimensional Representation of Existence

Adelina Bulibasa

The Moebius Strip has been a rather ‘controversial’ topic because of its quality to astonish and surprise. It is magical, out of the ordinary, pattern-breaking and bedazzling, therefore it raises a large amount of questions. Isn’t existence as a matter of fact in the same way ‘controversial’?  Doesn’t life itself pose an unlimited amount of questions, has the ability to surprise and at the same time possess its own magical peculiarity?

Even without answering these questions pertaining to existence, the strip’s resemblance to certain existential aspects is bewildering.

Let’s take a look at the notion of time – looking beyond its relativity, it encapsulates a past and a future that ouroborically intersect in one precise point, giving birth to the present. Though different in appearance, the future and the past form the two ends of a strip of paper, joined together on just one single side generating a structure similar to the Moebius Band. Starting from a certain point of origin we will voyage throughout the form of the strip, leaving the past behind, progressing towards the future. One can observe quickly that this cycle is destined to repeat itself, our lives starting off and ending in the same fashion every time, following the same easy but fundamental steps of human existence.

The cycle of human existence is a gigantic Moebius Strip as such, where every sentient being has its own place marked on the surface, on the ‘whole’ surface of existence, contributing to sustenance in specific manners. Looking at it from a different perspective, we are all prisoners of this continuous manifestation of life’s perpetuation in the universe. Free will permits every one of us to decide upon the matter if we’ll live a life chained to the societal shackles of a specific imposed pattern or if we break free from them, withstanding and denying any constraints, except the temporary material condition of man in the universe, which is permanent and indefeasible.

Over one hundred billion people have followed this cycle of life and so I find it hard to believe that something ‘new’ and ‘genuine’ will still arise at this stage. The thoughts and ideas that cross our minds, the feelings that beckon to be experienced, the deeds that we commit, all these things have already been lived out before by people that were born, have lived and died, following the same winding cycle as we are. All these take the form of small points on the giant Moebius Strip that establish the existential continuum and despite being different in appearance, experimenting drastic changes of the outside world, being influenced in a distinct way by numerous factors throughout the passage of time, in essence the human being is made out of the same ‘substance’, passing through these ‘points’ time after time.

Even if so far I have only discussed about the human being that lives out its entire existence inside the virtual reality of this band, being enclosed in a cycle, such a strip can still exist on the inside of each and every one of us. The soul and mind are tightly knit together, forming one single side and thus coexisting in an interdependent relationship. One cannot exist without the other, yielding in this manner  a perfect harmony. If this harmonious symbiosis is tarnished the human being will endure the aftermath, gradually disintegrating its very core and essence. We can analyze this situation if we picture a Moebius Strip inside the human body, connecting the rational and material side to the affective-spiritual one.  If this connection is altered, if the ‘band’ breaks or degrades, the being itself will lose one of its fundamental mechanisms necessary for its own existence, therefore being sentenced to ruin.

The day to day aspects that the Moebius Strip can be compared to could be augmented with a few more other examples, but I am of the firm belief that the aforementioned food-for-thought is sufficient to understand that a thing as simple and fragile as a strip of paper can give birth to questions and reflections on some of the most important human and existential aspects.