Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad

Mobius Strip and the Levels of Reality

                                                                           Ruxandra Ioana Neamu


By working on a project about the Mobius Strip,which is taking place in our school, I realised that the sacred and the profane are two sides of this strip. As I was saying in the project essay, the sacred and the profane entwine endlessly and meet in a common spot, just like in a Mobius Strip. Try as you might, you can not separate this strip. The question that still stands is how does the Mobius Strip relate to the Reality Levels from the conceptual field of trandisciplinarity?

Can we really read through the mysteries of the sacred, if we are bound to only one reality level, that of the Strip? We should try evolving spiritually to get to the superior level of reality, where we can escape from the boundaries of the profane. The sacred and the profane are two separate levels of reality; however, the sacred can manifest itself along with the profane.


After I read about the Mobius Strip and the postulates of transdisciplinarity, there was one question left unanswered: how can we relate to the Mobius Strip and interpret all that it suggests, in relation to the Reality Levels the sacred and the profane exist on, these „two ways of existing in the world”, as Mircea Eliade used to say.

I firmly believe that this way of cognizance, that of transdisciplinarity, can make us reopen ourselves to the sacred, since it’s certain that it exists, listless of its form. But what is the profane, really? It’s the lack of the sacred, or the oblivion towards it. Eliade said the the sacred is only „camouflaged” within the profane.Can one reality level manifest itself (actualize) within another?

What is the response of transdisciplinarity to the sacred-profane connection? And above all: Do the two sides of the Mobius Strip coexist within a reality level? Or don’t they?

For me, these issues are still confusing. Maybe you can help me find an answer to all these questions…