Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad

School profile

In the becoming of a human being, the first steps are always the most important. As the first steps are taken in school, our college has always supported its pupils. The soul of a child, full of mysteries, react most often to stimuli: that is why our high school has tried to bring students and teachers closer together. The scope of our efforts is to offer every school-leaver the chance of having the feeling of self-achievement. After high school is left behind, ’Moise Nicoara’ will be always a beacon in the life of its former pupils.’

Wilhelm Portal, Former Principal


Short History of 'Moise Nicoara' National College


This old and beautiful high school was mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1745. More exactly, they speak about the foundation of a gymnasium in Arad, as an elementary school had already existed since 1707.

The name of the high school was given after Moise Nicoara, an outstanding representative of the Romanian cultural movement in the first half of the 19th century. He himself attended the last ’humaniorum classem', between 1801 and 1802.

In 1869, work at the present high school building started. It was finished by 1873 and ever since, students have been learning in this imposing edifice. The language of instruction until 1919 was Hungarian, the official language of Transylvania, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The unification of the three Romanian Principalities and the creation of modern Romania in 1918 marked a turning point in the educational system of Transylvania. Starting October the 5th 1918, the institution bears the name ’Moise Nicoara’ High School and hosts the first Romanian boys’ high-school in Arad. On October 5th1919 the festivity hall of the high school was crammed with all those wanting to hear the Romanian words in a cultural establishment.

In 1957, the name of the high school was changed to 'Ioan Slavici' High School in memory of the 19th century Romanian novelist Ioan Slavici, also an alumnus of this high school. It was also in the 1950s that the high school began a co-educational policy, and at the beginning of 1968-1969 school year, increasing numbers of young people came to attend classes, as the quality of teaching in the institution was well-known.

From 1991, the school reverted to its former name, being once again called ’Moise Nicoara High School’ and it continually increased the proficiency level of its students, a fact proved by their brilliant achievements in various subjects. It is now the second best high school in the country and the first in Arad County. As a direct consequence of its outstanding results,'Moise Nicoara' High School has obtained the status of a National College on September the 1st 2000.

Types of classes available:

1. Natural Science-Bilingual English

2. Mathematics-IT/ICT studies

3. Mathematics-IT/ICT-English (starting from 2001)-Intensive English

4. Natural Science – Mathematics-Physics

5. Humanities- Bilingual French

6. Humanities


All year courses/ all compulsory/ all AP(equivalent).


Moise Nicoara National College in Numbers:


Current attendants( 2006-2007): 906

Middle school: 240

High school: 666

2008 Class: 155


Former or current students studying abroad:

Note: numbers valid for the last 4 years


University or College Students





Four-year Colleges: 1

Princeton University :4

Amherst College: 1

Harvard College: 3

Middlesbury College: 1

Stanford University: 1

Vassar College: 4

Brown University: 2

Occidental College: 2

Duke University: 2

Colgate University: 1

California Institute of Technology: 1

Reed College: 2

University of Chicago: 1

Whittier College: 2

Oklahoma University: 3

Colby University: 1

Northwestern University: 3

Ithaca College: 3

Washington & Lee University: 2

Hiram College: 3

Leigh University: 2

Truman College: 1

University of Pennsylvania: 1

Skidmore College: 1

University of Tennessee: 1

Haverford College: 1


U.K. France:

Cambridge University: 1 EURINSA Institutes of Technology( Lyon,

Oxford University: 1 Rennes, Rouen): 14

University of the Arts: 1 American University of Paris: 3

University of Sunderland: 1 Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris: 1

Richmond University: 3 Germany:

Jacobs University Bremen: 17

Switzerland: Japan

Franklin College. Lagans: 3 University of Tokyo: 2

Spain: Hungary:

American University of Madrid: 9 Central Europe University (CEU): 3


'Luigi Bocconi' University: 10


Washington University in St. Louis High School Scholarships

(WUSL) in Madrid: 5 U.S.A : 4

Bulgaria: U.K : 3

American University of Blagoevgrad: 16


Masters and Ph. D Courses at Columbia, Cornell University. Boston Law School, Yale. Stanford University, Princeton University. North western University, University of Montreal, University of Massachusetts, Rice University


Moise Nicoara National College in National and International Contests


National Contests (2001-2007):



1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

4th place















Romanian Language and Literature




























International Contests:

  • International Science Competition for Juniors- Taiwan 2007 -1 Silver Medal

  • Mathematics- International Mathematics Olympics, South Korea, Seoul, 2000: 1 Silver Medal and Bronze Medal

  • International Mathematics Olympics, U.S.A, 2001: 1 Silver Medal

  • Balkan Mathematics Olympics, Athens, 1999: 1 Silver Medal


'Moise Nicoara' and language learning:

The Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) is an internationally, life-long recognized diploma granted by Cambridge University, U.K. to non-native speakers of English who demonstrate an advanced English level in five exam papers( Reading, Writing, English in Use, Listening and Speaking). Since 2002, CAE examinations have been held in our school in 3 sessions: December, March and June, under the auspices of the British Council, Bucharest, with assessors outside 'Moise Nicoara' . Every year, over 70 of our students( aged 16-19) have passed their CAE ( 5% fail).The school coordinator of the CAE exam is Desdemona Nagy Vizitiu, teacher of English.


The Business English Certificate (BEC), Higher level has been sat in Arad since 2004 and 80% of the examinees are our students; approximately 20 to 30 students take the BEC every year, the pass percentage being 90%.


The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) has been sat in Arad since 2006 by a large number of our students, about 50 every year and our students' scores are somewhere between 800 and 985 (out of 990).


The Oxford Certificate of English has been obtained in the summer of 2003 by 3 'Moise Nicoara' Students who attended the courses of a summer language school at Oxford University, U.K. at the end of which they were assessed by an exam.


DALF (Diplome Approfondi de Language Francaise) Preparation Courses are held by teacher of French Mrs. Lucia Ungur, Dalf preparation accredited teacher, to students who have registerred for a DALF examination (level C1) at the French Cultural Centre in Timisoara. Recently, the DELF has been added to CEF (Common European Framework), level B1.


OSD (Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) has been sat in Arad every year in May in the German high school and our students sit the B1 level called Zertificat Deutsch and level C1/Mittlestufe with good results (no fails with 15 students).


A nationally recognized translation Certificate is granted to all Natural Science English school leavers who present a thesis in English on a topic of their choice concerning British and American culture and civilization and who sit in an oral exam with external examiners. A similar certificate of French- Romanian translation is granted to all French-Humanities alumni who elaborate and present a thesis in French on French Culture and civilisation topics. A nationally recognized Computer Software Programmer Certificate is awarded to the alumni of the IC/ICT classes, the exam consists of a thesis on computer programming and/or ICT.


Moise Nicoara in the World:


Moise Nicoara National College has been running a students exchange with Aquinas College, Stockport/ Greater Manchester for 13 years now. Each group of students from the British College visits Moise Nicoara and in return our students from the 11th A (Natural Science Bilingual English) make a trip to Britain. Since 2005, a new students exchange has been running with Lycee Max Bloch of Bischeim- France. Every April the 12 graders of the French intensive class go to France and in October the visit is returned.


Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities:


  1. Comenius Multicultural European Program. Named after the Renaissance European educator Ian Comenius, the inspirer of modern ideas on education, this European drive is meant to promote co-operation between European schools. It comprises high schools of the U.K., France, Holland, Italy and Romania. The aim of the program is the exchange of research projects on co-curricular themes ( Environment, Politics, Family Relationships, Education) and exchange visits involving teachers and students of Comenius high schools, in an attempt to promote modern means of education, tolerance and multiculturalism.The program lasted until 2007.

  2. C.M.C.T.( The Multicultural Youth Research Center) involves Moise Nicoara, A. Muller-Guttembrun German High School of Arad, and F. Nitti College of Economics, Timisoara. Center members are involved in hands-on sociological and historical research projects. The findings of the projects on political parties in Romania have already been presented in a book, co-authored by the young researchers under the guidance of history teacher Ms. Cristina Miltaller. Another book on the culture and traditions of the Romany minority has been published as well as a new project on Romanian and Serbian Eastern Orthodox churches in Arad.

  3. Poetry and Music Festival ‘ February’s Harmonies' has been held for the past 4 years: over 100 students participate in the reciting section in the Romanian, English, French, German in submitting original creation and in workshops in the respective languages.

  4. Carilama Debate Club: the best one in the country (3 regional titles and a national one)

  5. Amifran-Theater Group: participated in the numerous national and international theater festivals (Quebec/Canada, Napoli/Italy- where they won the Great Prize, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Moscow)

  6. Red Cross Team Contests: numerous titles obtained in several town and country contests.

  7. Community service: several students of our high school hold one-year volunteer contracts with the Social Assistance Office of Arad Town Hall. The main volunteer programs offered by the Town Hall are the tutoring of socially disadvantaged elementary school children at the local Social and Multicultural Center and volunteer services offered to old people.

  8. Peace corps Volunteers: the program was resumed in 2006 after a break of 10 years and included two Peace Corps volunteers who were in charge of programs with the counselor of the school Mihaela Indricau. This school year there is one volunteer involved in teaching English to intensive and bilingual classes.

  9. Earth Day: Our school’s biology teachers organize an ecological movement every year.




'Moise Nicoara' and the Press:


1.’Girouette de la Nuit’: French newspaper published during the 7 days of Arad’s International French Theater Festival.

2.Press Prize 2003 for the best project in the Civil Society Gala (a national competition involving non-governmental organisation projects on welfare, democracy and human rights), in which Moise Nicoara National College presented two projects.

3.' Laboremus'-the school magazine comprises the school life of our college, interviews and debates. Edited entirely by students with teachers' supervision.


Sports at 'Moise Nicoara':

1.Basketball: the college team has won a national competition silver medal

2. Chess: an established tradition in our school, as contests are held every year at middle school and high school levels

3.Athletics: results in javelin throw, discus throw and shut put, participant in a traditional international varsity track contest ( second place in 2006)


Traditions at 'Moise Nicoara':


1.Last ring of the bell: on their last day spent in school, seniors are celebrated by faculty and the entire student body in an impressive ceremony that is ended with a ring of the school bell by every senior.

2.Freshers' Ball: is organized in the fall by the 12th graders for the 9th graders of the college. The ball includes a competition between couples of 9th graders, after which a Ball King and Queen are elected by a jury formed of faculty and high school seniors.

3.’MartziNicoara’: on the 1st of March, a traditional Romanian holiday( Martisor Day), the school board organizes a party for students and teachers, to celebrate the coming of spring.

4 .Romania’s National Day Festival.The 1st December is celebrated through song, dance, class decoration and traditional food.

5. Christmas Festival. Held every year to celebrate the forthcoming X-mas by carol singing of the school choir, folk dances and plays.