Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad


Diana Mei-Roşu

11th  grade


I began being interested in transdisciplinary studies not when I heard my mates or teachers talking about it, but at the moment I entered the „problem” deeper, the moment I asked myself, „What is my connection to transdisciplinary pursuits?”

In order to find the correct answer you only need to ask the right question. Lacking the right question seriously endangers the final result of any process of thought, leading us to the wrong path, which deflects us from the destination and makes us lose our way.

This question was the revelation which brought light in the middle of darkness and a route to follow in the middle of the foggy road. With the help of transdisciplinary studies I can now discover the future as being a way which is common to so many thoughts, a way that comprises and coagulates more roads, contrary to my previous view of the future as the destination of a single correct road. Because of this view, I perceived myself at a crossroads and under the pressure of choosing a single route out of several that seemed favourable, without knowing whether I took a winning decision or not, until the moment of victory or failure came, after going all the way oppressed by this concern.

Transdisciplinarity comes as a liberating solution for a situation which seemed to lead, without possibility of escape, to restraint and limitation. It is the necessary tool for getting over and out of the concept of the Procrustean bed, which has been adopted by nowadays society and which, being in full swing, managed to spread to the educational level, too. Self-fulfilment cannot be attained in any other way than through the resuscitation of one’s own self. The curiosity and desire to explore multiple domains having a common denominator can now outburst from those abstruse and indistinct ways of the inner self, going beyond the initial stage, in which attempts were made to defeat them, as they were uselessly restrained by appearances induced upon the individual. Moreover, transdisciplinarity is transposed not only to the little light which can be seen at the end of the tunnel, but also to the very candle that lights the journey from beginning to end, playing the role of a guide that is leading on the newly-discovered route.

It is the helping hand that frees the spirit and the mind, which abolishes the suppression that comes from approaching a certain aspect from a single point of view, which opens doors towards new ways of conceiving and towards interpretations under the umbrella of several styles.

By approaching the future in a transdisciplinary spirit, I felt that I could give free rein to my desires, without being forced to choose, without the restriction of one single variant, without having to get stuck with a priority and without smothering the rest of my interests; I felt that I could make a whole out of all these, without being compelled to be content with one single divided part of this object of my being. I can, therefore, discover myself entirely, I can enter myself and bring to light the conflict of indecisiveness by solving it, as I am not anymore put in the situation to choose something and, implicitly, to let go of something else.

Consequently, when we have the right question as starting point, which can bring to light the subjective aspect that is applicable to each of us, the answer comes up naturally and the bases of this concept are built by themselves in the mind that begins to explore the essence, the purpose behind appearances. Transdisciplinary pursuits do nothing else than give a solution to one’s incapacity of expressing the whole potential in a single context, study it in all its complexity, bring you naked in front of yourself and teach you to discover yourself the way you have never done it before, the way you haven’t known you are.