Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad


The  Romanian Ministry of  Education  established “a different kind of school week”, starting from this year, more precisely, in April. Classes do not follow the ordinary timetable, the official curriculum of each discipline respectively, but a new, different programme – conceived by the teachers in accordance with their students’ interests and needs.

The C.A.T.E. (Center for Transdisciplinary Applications in Education) from the “Moise Nicoara” National College has built up and designed two transdiciplinary programmes related to this special week: one, for the secondary school level and another one for the high school level, both rendering valuable and continuing the didactic transdisciplinary   experiments that have been designed so far.

The project designed for the secondary school level – was entitled “Cultural Epochs and Trends” and was supervised by prof. Camelia Circa-Chirila and prof. Octavia Potocean. The other project – designed for high school level – had as a topic:“A transdisciplinary “reading” of the water” and was supervised by prof. Mirela Mureşan.

This college journal number will present a general account of the two mentioned projects; we intend to publish – in the next issues– the detailed didactic “scenarios” of the best workshops that had been developed in this frame.

We do hope this approach will offer some good practice examples to other interested schools/colleges which might be concerned not only with efficiently rendering valuable the “a  different school week programme, but also with the implementation of transdiciplinary learning in the high school didactic practice.