Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad


Adelina Ranca

11th grade

“Resonance” means vibration and comes from the Latin “resonare”.

 In physics, resonance is the process by which energy transfer occurs between two vibrating or oscillating systems with close vibration frequency (source system and resonator system), and which results in an increase in vibration amplitude of the resonator system. If the resonator system has

its vibration frequency equal to that of the source system, the amplitude of vibration greatly increases in the resonator system, to a maximum specific value.

This is not only encountered in physics.

Everything that exists in the universe vibrates with a certain specific frequency. So, everything interacts in a less or more significant way as the frequency difference is smaller or larger. The law of resonance can explain how two apparently independent things or phenomena in the universe can be related or can interact selectively, thus being contained or incorporated in the great “whole”. Hermes Trismegistus says: “All that is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below to the whole miracle of everything”, which means that it is possible for the part to be reflected in the whole and the other way around.

Thus, the bond uniting all things, phenomena, beings, physical and mental processes, is based on the process of resonance. Resonance is one of the universal laws that works according to the cause and effect principle. We bear the consequences of our actions, good or evil (deeds, words, thoughts, intentions) and attract things and situations that resonate with them. Hence the proverb:”What you give comes back to you” and other similar ones. “Anything conceived by the mind can be achieved.” (C. Stone)


How does it affect our lives?

 A. Human relations                      

If your behavior is based on gossip, envy, intrigue, then those around you will have a similar behaviour towards you, and if you are affectionate, respectful, well-meaning, others will respond in the same way. The behaviour of the people in our life is actually the reflection of our own personality, which is reflected in their behaviour. Even the Bible recommends behaving with other people the way you want them to treat you, or do not judge anybody so that you should not be judged, all because of this resonance. “Whether you think you can or you think you can not realize that, you’re right anyway.” (H. Ford)

B. The law of resonance in love and family relationships                      

In relationships, the way you act with your partner will have an impact on you. It is not necessarily the same partner that pays you back in the same way, but you may meet another person to fulfill the law. A very common manifestation of the law of resonance is the way in which people treat their elderly parents, this behavior being the result of how parents treated their children. The abused tend to abuse, the neglected ones will themselves neglect, and examples could continue. “Everything we are is the result of what we thought.” (Buddha)

C. The law of resonance in professional field                 

  If you work as if you worked for yourself, with care, concern and responsibility, it will be rewarding and you will be properly appreciated, but you need to do it from the heart, not out of obligation or interest, because the universe knows your first intention. Our material situation is often closely related to the law of resonance. Explained, the law of resonance is like a tennis ball thrown into a wall that goes back elastic at enhanced speed. If everyone understood and learnt to accept the effects of this law without blaming others for their problems, the lives of all people would be significantly improved. “All power comes from within and therefore we can control it.” (A. Collies)

In the future it would be good if the effects of the laws of the universe were studied in schools, because we always interact with them, but we do not realize it and therefore we do not understand their effect and we blame anyone else, even God, for what is happening.

Scholars of the last millenniums, who had access to knowledge, kept them secret, but they knew how to use them to their own benefit, taking advantage of the fact that the great mass of people do not have access to education and knowledge. “Imagination is everything. It is the power of prediction of what will follow in life. (A. Einstein)”